Monday, 27 March 2017

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II


I have recently purchased Star Wars: Force Unleashed II (an absolutely awesome game) and have completed it in just a couple of hours (I was utterly hooked). The game's story was absolutely superb and followed the comic book series fairly closely. However, Bobba Fett did not feature in the game much, whereas in the comic book series it was almost entirely from his point of view, not Star-killer's clone's perspective (as it is in the game).

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What I thought was good about it;

  • The story is awesome.
  • You can change your costume whenever you want.
  • Personalize your own  light sabers.
  • Lots of great boss battles.

What I thought was bad about it:

  • It's only a 1 player game.
  • The story was quite short.
  • You couldn't  fly in space or in the air.

Overall, the game is great, but could be improved in some areas. However, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Star Wars game, or just the George Lucas films themselves.

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