Thursday, 18 January 2018

Marvel Collector Corps December 2017 Subscription Box Review

Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription from Marvel Comics and Funko. The box promises $50 in value every box, plus every single item is a 100% exclusive item. Past items have included vinyl collectibles, home items, accessories, and apparel.
Before I get into reviewing the box, I must post the Spoiler warning - so read on if you dare!


The top of the box features an illustration of The Hulk, one of the most iconic figures in not just comics, but in all pop culture.

The inside of the box comes with great illustrations of the green goliath's adventures as well.

 As well as preview of what’s coming this February.

The “boxing” cards are awesome, they provide background details on the items including the Funko creation process, which in itself makes the card an interesting item.

Since this is my first Collector Corps box, I wasn't really sure of what to expect to arrive, but in my opinion, they really went above and beyond with this one!

I found this Hulk Stress Dorb to be a really quirky and fun item: something that Bruce Banner would actually benefit from - if he can see past the irony!

The Incredible Hulk Patch. This is easily the best patch that I have seen in the Marvel Collector Corps boxes.  It’s simple and includes the green and purple that is synonymous with the Hulk. The part I like the most is it just says “Marvel” and “The Incredible Hulk.” It's just nice and simple.

For me, the Hulk was one of the best things about Thor: Ragnorok, so it's really nice to see him in his gladiator armour in keychain form.

This is a superb t-shirt, and I love the way that it shows the evolution of Banner to Hulk, like the ape to man evolution.

This 2 Pop! set really made my day, especially when they fit both Pop! figures inside the one box.

The detail on the Bruce Banner is incredible! The glasses, the tie, the lab coat - they all just bring the Pop! together!

The Incredible Hulk is much larger at six inches tall. I like the all grey tones that were used including the clothes. The Hulk was grey in issue one but was changed to green due to printing issues.

This box was utterly amazing! I am blown away by how much work goes into their Pop! figures.

What did you think?

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